Jay Nee brings more than twenty years of beverage hospitality experience to the table. Since moving to the Lehigh Valley from New England 15 years ago, he has worked in the beverage hospitality industry in a number of roles. He helped develop one of the most interesting wine programs in the area and launched a recurring wine education night that entertained hundred of guests. He has gone on to present over 400 wine, beer and spirits events for thousands of guests.

As a consultant for one of the largest wine and spirits distributors in the United States, Jay provided guidance to well over 100 restaurants and bars. He helped formulate their total beverage identity and trained hundreds of servers on the nuances of beverage service. His success in this role has allowed him to travel to multiple countries and experience wine and spirits production for many highly successful brands.

As a sales manager for the largest total alcohol beverage supplier in the United States, he helped navigate the changing Pennsylvania alcohol landscape as grocery became a new outlet for the wine buying public.

In 2019, Jay formed Juniper & Grain as a way to address the fundamental need for beverage businesses to receive guidance without being beholden to a specific distributor’s portfolio. He wanted to help shape beverage programs to value beer, wine and liquor in equal measure. He seeks clients that wish to create memorable experiences for their guests through beverage hospitality.

Jay’s vision and knowledge of the industry really helped us while developing our brand, concept and operation…The Bayou Boys are forever grateful for the love and effort dedicated to us in the beginning of our road as restaurateurs.   -Cristian Duarte, co-owner Bayou Boys Hospitality LLC